Write a Short Essay on Discipline

In our personal life, we have to be courteous and well-behaved towards all who come into contact with us. We have to be respectful and obedient to our elders.

We have to divide our time into hours for work, hours for leisure and hours for sleep and so on. We have to learn to keep our passions like anger etc. under control.

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In public life, as good citizens we are required to obey the laws of the country in which we live. There are rules to be observed in our dealings with other men.

This mode of life is the way of discipline. It builds in us strength of character and purpose. Without it one can never be successful.

How­ever learned one may be, unless he is disciplined in his way of life, he will hot be welcomed in the cultured society.

If a person is given to sudden outbursts of anger, he shows lack of discipline. It is a sign of weakness. Thus discipline is in fact a very important part of one’s edu­cation and training.


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