What is the Meaning of Knowledge is Power?

We see examples of this idiom everywhere. Whether at work or play it helps to know everything about ones boss and one’s opponent. Take cricket for example, it helps the bowler to know Sachin Tendulkar’s weaknesses. If he knows his weaknesses he will be able to capitalize on them.

At work it pays to know about ones product. If you know your product only then you can sell it. Yes, no sale can happen without knowledge. The history of our civilization has proven that many wars have been won not on the might of the sword but on the might of knowledge. Knowledge gives you advantage. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are doing. All that matters is how much knowledge you have.

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It is knowledge that makes a father stop his son from trying to empty the sea into his little sand castle moat. Lack of knowledge is what makes the youth brash and it is knowledge that makes the elderly smart. Knowledge is crucial in any business enterprise. In fact it is so crucial that it is often equated to common sense. The more you know about who and what you are dealing with, the better off you will be.

Staying well-informed is a daily endeavour that requires both diligence and enthusiasm. With everything around us moving so rapidly it’s a challenge to keep up with it, but not to keep up- would be like agreeing to check out. The important thing is to keep learning and assimilating information. You never know when it will come in handy.

Donald Trump the legendary investment guru said that if he hadn’t studied foreclosures as a kid he would not have been able to see the great opportunity that led to his first success. So the truth is that any knowledge is power.

With knowledge ones potential increases. Sometimes people are hesitant to share information as they consider that some advantage can be gained through the use or manipulation of knowledge.

What makes us envy the yogis and spiritual gurus? What makes us bow down in front of them in humility? We know that there is something that makes them different from us. What is different about them??? Knowledge!! Yes, they have knowledge of things we do not. That’s what makes them different. Knowledge has empowered millions of people.

The whole mystery behind magic was unravelled by science. If it wouldn’t have been for scientific knowledge we would still be depending on shamans for cures. The more we learn the more we grow. Knowledge is never wasted. Somehow, someday you will put it to use. Wisdom grows on the strength of knowledge, so we must spend all our lives procuring knowledge.


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