Short Speech on Earthquakes

On the Republic Day in 2001 there was a severe earthquake at Kutch in Gujarat. It caused much destruction to life and property.

During an earthquake, people lose their houses and even their lives. Some are trapped in houses that collapse on account of earth tremors.

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The Gujarat earthquake took a heavy toll of human life. Many died because they were asleep, being a holiday; enjoying a long sleep when the earthquake occurred. During an earthquake those who are awake run out in the open and save their lives.

Sometimes even roads are broken up by earthquakes. One part of the road might suddenly sink because of earthquake.

Earthquake victims, like flood victims have to start life all over again. Government tries to help them to some extent.

Newspapers and other social service organisations have extensive drives to collect funds for earthquake victims. They meet with a generous response from the public. It is our duty to help our destitute countrymen in their distress.


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