Short Speech on Dowry

But this custom proved a major handicap for many persons who could not marry early in life for want of funds to buy such gifts. Again, there were many unfortunates who could not marry at all for this reason.

But custom are never stationary. They dowry undergo changes. Now, at present this custom has been reversed. Instead of the prospective husband, it is the bride’s parents who have to offer gifts and presents to the bridegroom and his parents.

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As such, it has become extremely difficult to arrange a girl’s marriage without dowry. Now, the system has become a social evil.

Dowry system has become one of the greatest social evils these days and hundreds of innocent lives have been lost. Even the educated parents expect their daughter-in- law to bring money and gifts from her family. They use dowry system as a short-cut to amass wealth. Torturing someone else’s daughter, they never think of their own daughter.

We have legislations in our country to stop taking and giving dowry. Yet this system is very much in existence. Unless we are ready to bring in a change in our hearts, no legislation can be effective. Better burn your greed and spare your brides.


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