Short Speech on An Ideal Student

He is the first one to run errands for his teachers. He is the good boy of the class, who does not play pranks, who is always sitting in the front row and listening carefully to every word of his teacher.

He is sincerely writing down all the notes given by the teacher. He sits quietly and does not let others disturb him when he is not studying nor does he disturb others. His work is always up-to-date, he is the first one to submit his home work and if any child fails to do so, he informs the teacher. He keeps a record of all the students who do not submit their work on time.

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All the students of his class are afraid of him for they know that he will not hide any thing from the teachers and would inform them if they do any thing wrong. This good boy or girl of the class stands up and ensures discipline when the teacher is not in the class. He switches off the fans and light when not required and ensures that all students are moving in a proper line whenever they are leaving the classroom.

“The ideal student does not fight with others, and also never abuses. He is always polite and ready to help whenever he can. He is bright and is among the toppers of the class. He comes to school smartly dressed up, never forgets to put on his belt or tie, wears polished shoes and is always punctual in reporting to school. He is also very regular in coming to school and takes leave only when he is not able to get up from the bed due to illness.

His parents are proud of him and he is the blue eyed boy of his teachers, who cannot stop themselves from praising him. He is always honest and truthful and is trusted by his teachers because he is very responsible and dependable, However, this good boy is not very popular with the other students of the class thus he is at times a loner who has very few friends.

The other students of the class do not talk freely in his presence because they are afraid he may | inform the teachers.

But according to me, an ideal student is the one, who is good in everything, is responsible but is also fun loving and enjoys with all the pranksters of the class. He is righteous and has the courage to condemn any act of his friends which he thinks is not correct but he is loyal to them and avoids informing his teachers about little things. But, when he feels things are going out of hand he uses his discretion and takes the advice of his teachers.

An ideal student has time to do everything, time to study, time to play and time to have fun with his friends. He is also a little naughty, at times, but is always conscious of the fact that his mischief does not hurt the feelings of others. He is respectful, kind and polite. He is loved by all, trusted by his teachers as well as his friends. He is the wise guy of the class.


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