Short Essay on the Indian Teenage

Never ever before has the generation gap widened as much as lately. The reason is that the adults do not want, the child of today, to forget his roots and prefer that he discards the “West-is best approach’. But, on the other hand, the new wave triggered by the electronics media and the computers makes him aspire for the western lifestyle, all the more.

The computer Savvy teenager does not depend on his parents for acquiring knowledge; he knows that he can get any information at the click of a button.

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The internet has made the whole world accessible to him thus widening the generation gap. The computer is ‘Computer Jee-‘ his role model for answers to his problems, he just has to serf the net, and why not? Parents have little or no time, both*, being busy earning, in order to fulfill their needs, in a highly materialistic age.

He is imbibing values from the Television, the indulging nurse maid at home which gives him unlimited free access to its programme. Life is full of temptations for him, difficult to resist, and absence of parental control at times makes him succumb to them easily.

Gone are the days when it was considered rude and arrogant to question the writ of the adults. A rebellious teenager wants to shun parental authority and carve a new space for himself; he wants more freedom take decisions. Today’s Teenager’s mantra is not to accept any thing until unless he is convinced by its rationale. Rather than forcing a teenager into doing what one wants him to do, one has to appeal to his sense of reasonable.

Today’s teenager enjoys more freedom than his counter part in the past I with freedom also comes responsibility and this makes many of them and more responsible. They do make mistakes but also learn to make the right choices. Their priorities are clear, they are focused but with a distort value system and rather smitten by the ‘I, Me, Myself syndromes which the have learnt is necessary for them to survive. Thus, to sum up, today’s teenage is smart, confident, impatient, aggressive, rebellious and slightly confused.


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