Short Essay on the Attack on Indian Democracy

The group of five attackers was led by Mohammad. Mohammad alias Sunny Ahmed Qazi lived in Karachi and was one of the hijackers of IC 814. Evidence of their Pakistan connection came from the records of the cell phone calls.

There were three cell phones in the backpacks of the slain terrorists. Several calls were made on these phones to Lahore, Karachi, Bahawalpur (headquarters of JeM) and Muridke (headquarters of Let) in the past few weeks by the terrorists. Just before the suicide squad stormed the Parliament complex, Mohammad also called up a number in Saudi Arabia.

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All these evidences show “Pakistan’s evil designs”. They sent terrorists to Red Fort last year and now to Parlia­ment. They have been harbouring terrorists. If this isn’t state-sponsored terrorism, what is?

But the biggest surprise in the case is the soft-spoken Gilani, the motivational force behind the suicide mission.

Gilani, 34, taught Arabic by day at Delhi’s Zakir Hussain College and Jehad after sundown. Be­sides being in touch with Mohammad and his men on cell phones, Gilani also made calls to Pakistan.

The terrorists entered the Parliament through gate no.2 and pro­ceeded towards gate no. 12 following a definite plan.

They wanted to arm themselves at a secluded point after entering unchallenged, with­out raising any alarm.

The plans were perhaps to blow up the car, divert attention at this point, and rush in through the main gate during the commotion.

But the chance presence of Vice-President Krishan Kant’s convoy and his security men upset their plans which were otherwise going like clockwork.

When the explosive laden car hit a convoy car, the detonator wires came loose. The watch and ward staff immediately raised an alarm. Thus ensuring that the entry through the gate no. 11 was blocked.

Part of the plan was to take important MP’s hostages. They would use their cell phones to negotiate and attract world media attention.

The packets of dry fruits indicate they came prepared for a week-long stake­out in Parliament. One of their demands would be for an escape jet.

The terrorists had also planned to wipe out the political leadership, es­pecially the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Defence Min­ister. They would also have tried to kill as many MPs as possible.

But they were forced to alter their plans. The five terrorists led by Mohammad fired indiscriminately at the police, killing four of them. Then they rushed towards the main entrance.

The policemen returned the fire and one of the bullets hit Mohammad, detonating the plastic explo­sives strapped around his body.

The-rest of the terrorist ran back, scaled the walls, and frenetically looked at the entry points, even as CRPF engaged them in fire. Ultimately the terrorists were gunned down by the brave policemen.

Now it is for the Government of India to take a suitable action against these types of attack by the Pakistan sponsored terrorist attacks on Indian establishments.


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