Short Essay on Moral Deterioration Among Boys

This lack of control needs to be dealt with broadly before we can hope to see improvements in its narrower aspects. We all know that the best way to teach a child anything is by example.

But cases of young children who misbehave prove too clearly that many parents and teachers undoubtedly fail calamitously in their duty. Both at home and at school, far too many children are brought up to do only what they like, to do a job badly, to leave it unfinished, to have anything they want at the expense of other people’s convenience.

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Parents say they cannot manage their children; it grows more and more difficult to find a teacher who can manage a class. And then the behavior of parents and teachers is not always calculated to inspire respect.

But perhaps the greatest harm is done by the perpetual rousing of senses by posters, films, magazines and advertisements on the small screen. Society will have to make a much more determined effort to mould the character of the children if this moral deterioration is to be halted.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. Misbehavior of young boys towards girls is distressing and unpleasant.

2. It should be severely condemned and enquired into.

3. It is an offshoot and manifestation of lack of self-discipline and control which can be taught through example.

4. But many teachers and parents lack in duly.

5. Parents allow children freedom of action even at other’s inconvenience.

6. Teachers cannot manage a class as they cannot inspire the boys.

7. Media and T V. advertisements are also responsible for rousing evil passion.

8. Determined efforts by the society are necessary if this moral deterioration is to be stopped.


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