Short Essay on Global Warming

The result is for all to see, roads over flowing with the latest cars, fields and trees in the name of progress and development are gradually, systematically making way for concrete jungles, homes fitted with the latest electric gadgets, all contributing to the emission of green house gases and depletion of the ozone layers, accelerating global warning.

Nature is warning us through the melting of the glaciers and climate change that the clock, for our doom’s day, has started ticking. Warmer weather, rising sea levels, floods, tsunamis, earth quakes are just some of the problems but in reality we are sitting on a volcano ready to erupt. These are signals of a transition that will decide the destiny of this planet and all living things.

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Al Gore’s ‘ The inconvenient Truth’ which is an eye opener, sends shiver through our spines, and urges us to devise ways and means to reverse this change, but the question is can we do it ? The bitter truth is we cannot but we can certainly stall it if we give a healing touch to this planet by controlling rapid industrialization, and development, conserving energy.

The key lies in sustainable development and also on the developed countries, putting some checks on themselves with regards to progress, giving an opportunity to the developing countries to reach a certain level of progress. What is needed is an equitable world and the key players would be the developed countries.

The thing is, now is the time to think of the whole world as one entity rather than to restrict our vision to our own country. It is this, only this, which shall buy time for this planet as the damage done is irreversible and development and progress cannot be stopped.

The other remedy is in planting trees, protecting agricultural land from being used for purposes other than planting crops, checking exploitation of natural resources such as ground water, devising ways and means to preserve, conserve and replenish what we take away from Mother Nature.

In brief, let us not disturb the ecological balance and try living with Nature in harmony which is natural and is also the need of the hour.


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