Short Essay on Customs

In the olden days there was the custom of Sati in India. Due to many efforts of some social reformers this custom was banned.

But we have not got rid of this custom till today. There are some cases even today of Sati. Whenever any act is repeated by large section of society it becomes custom. After some time custom leads to superstition.

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A person who dares not to follow the custom becomes neglected and isolated in the society. A custom is even more powerful than law.

Customs have a great influence on the peaceful life of a man. Customs have very powerful influence in every society and country. We are un­able to avoid any social as well as religious custom.

India is a country of different religious followers having different custom. But giving dowry to the girl at the time of marriage is generally the custom in every society in India.

A man is generally known by his habits, so the country is known by the customs. Customs play an im­portant role in the development of the society.

Some of our laws are also based on customs. Man has to obey those laws. But one should rise to finish off the bad customs prevailing in the society for one’s betterment.


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