Short Essay on a Scene before the Examination

They tell them how they should write their answers to questions. Their friends advise them. They tell them their own experiences. They also tell them some examination tips.

Students think about the nature of questions. They form small groups on the benches, in the verandah or on the green ground.

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They guess the question papers. They answer them among themselves. A few boys and girls are seen alone reading books as a last minute effort.

All are in a hurry to meet their friends. As soon as they meet some intelligent boy they surround him and ask him certain questions. But the boy puts them off by dry answer.

There are some candidates who have no fear of examination. They are free from care and anxiety. For them examination is not more than a play. They are making fun as usual. They tease those who are busy with their books. They laugh at them. They call them bookworms. They laugh at the poor dress of poor boys and girls.

You can see other people there. They are not candidates. They come here only to enjoy the gathering. Here are shopkeepers who run their shops there.

Some hawkers are there. They sell their wares. They hawk now and then. At this time no sweets like Ladoos and Barfi are in demand. All are serious.

Just a few minutes before the beginning of the examination the Superintendent of the examination comes. He has his peon with him.

The peon opens the doors of the examination hall. Now the candiĀ­dates enter in. All of them are in great hurry to take their seats.

They dust the seats and desks. Some of them feel uneasy. They go out to ease themselves. All throw out the chits of paper outside.

They give their answer books and books to their friends, who wait outside. All hearts beat hard. Some pronounce the name of God.

In the meantime the bell rings. There is perfect silence everywhere. All look serious. Now the scene is set for the examination to begin.


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