Short Essay on a Cold Winter Day

In Delhi, winter season lasts from November to February and Deities enjoy it. It can be as cold as two degrees during the winter season. I love this season because I can enjoy walking outdoors by keeping myself well covered. It is fun to sit around afire and have a hot cup of tea with pakodas and boiled eggs.

At home it is a pleasure to snuggle into my bed, with a hot water bottle and a room heater warming my room. Snuggled in my bed, with the servant offering me hot chocolate or tea, I shiver but it is fun.

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I love to have alibis, an Indian sweet with milk, during the winter season and Gajar Ka Halva another delicacy which my mother makes, especially on the ‘New year’ eve.

It is a kind of adventure for me to venture out on a foggy day. The fog, which envelops the city, makes it real fun to travel. The visibility at times is less than four feet and my father dreads driving a car in such weather conditions but I enjoy this drive.

School also becomes exciting on a foggy day when there is a lot of mist and fog. Usually buses reach school late, the teachers are also late, giving us a little more time than unusual, to enjoy ourselves.

Early morning, playing in the school ground, especially in the foggy condition, is an experience of a life time.

Somehow, I do not feel the cold, I enjoy it. The canteen serves hot samosas and we wait for break time to enjoy the same. It gets dark early, making Delhi a mystery and adds to the suspense and adventure of the winter season. Some say it can be gloomy and dull but for me it is fun and excitement


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