Short Article on Rainy Season

Even a peacock dances, when it rains, so, how can people be left behind! Small children play in the muddy water, they also make paper boats and enjoy by making a fun game out of it. A rainbow in the sky, after the rain, adds to their thrill and excitement.

To avoid getting wet, the school going children and other people can be seen running with umbrellas and raincoats. People also enjoy the rain by staying indoors, listening to the pitter patter of the rain, relishing hot tea, pakodas and jalebis while peeping outside from their windows or sitting in their balconies and verandahs.

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There is no doubt rain gives us a cool weather but messy, chaotic roads. The streets are full with muddy water and people are struck in traffic jams due to water logging. The result of these traffic jams is that children get late for school, people reach office late and at times due to undue haste, traffic congestion and low visibility accidents happen, too.

Sometimes the water level is so high that it is even difficult to drive, leave alone walk. The worst effect of heavy rain is that some areas get badly flooded; many farmers lose their earnings because their crops are destroyed. In rural areas, the houses/hutments near the rivers are washed away.

Mosquitoes start breeding on the surface of stagnant puddles, causing diseases like malaria and dengue etc. So, one has to take preventive measures, also, like not walking on wet grass and in muddy water.


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