Short Article on Drug Abuse

One of the problems afflicting most Nations off world is drug abuse. It is a social evil which can destroy the very vitals the society. It can make it weak and hollow as it nibbles gradually a slowly at the quality of human resource of a country.

Today, there is an alarming increase of drug abuse in schools a ‘ colleges. Drugs such as cocaine, heroine, LSD, hash, crack, opium marijuana are taken for their stimulating and relaxing qualities, little realizing that this misadventure can lead to addiction- a trap from which it is difficult to get out.

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Initially, these drugs may give you kicks but ultimately become threat to the addict’s life. A drug called ‘ecstasy’ can kill a person in one’ Addiction to drugs of any kind even alcohol or pain killers, tranquillizers develop suicidal tendencies, affecting a person’s mind, moods, emotions and feelings. They are also responsible for making drug users, take to a life of crime, violence and aggression.

A man becomes pathetic because under the influence of drugs he is unable to control his thoughts and actions. Not! only do they make themselves a laughing stock but their performance also becomes impaired. They become a liability rather than becoming useful members of the society.

Physical and mental harm caused to them is irreparable as breaking this habit requires a lot of determination, courage and patience. The process of coming out of it is extremely painful as it involves frequent jitters and pain.

Addicts can not function as normal members of the society; they neglect and abuse their families who also are traumatized. Not only this, it is one of the root causes for encouraging crime.

Criminal gangs and Mafia under­worlds flourish with the money from drugs requiring countries to spend heavily on police resources, for getting the information of such crimes like smuggling and dealing in drugs.

The danger from drugs can not be ignored because of the multiple problems which countries and communities face. It is a much greater problem than disease and poverty. It saps the nation of its manhood, eliminating this social evil may appear to be impossible, still steps can be taken to weaken the hold of drugs on society.

This menace of drugs can be tackled by educating children at home and in schools about drugs. They need to be made aware of the ill effects of drugs so that they can make a conscious decision of avoiding this problem. It is common knowledge that very often young children get into this habit because of the influence of their friends and the desire to become a part of the so called fashionable, liberal and modern society.

Thus, youth has to be trained to make the right choices, learn to resist temptations and not succumb to peer pressure – all this boils down to the responsibilities of parents and schools to lay a strong foundation of moral character and discipline.


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