Morning Walk – Essay

If, undertaken and performed regularly, like a religious task, it shows miraculous benefits. Morning walk has become one of those things for which you need luck, perhaps time, but yes a lot of determination and health awareness.

Morning walk is one of the most essential things in life. It exemplifies a certain kind of discipline wherein one performs this task, on a daily basis, for physical as well as mental well being. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body and a morning walk is one of the best ways to achieve both, simultaneously.

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If done on a regular basis, morning walk has a number of advantages. Morning walk helps in improving the blood circulation and physical strength of a person. In the morning, one can experience i the regenerating effect of the fresh air and the natural environment. It is a preparation for a good positive day.

Most people, in recent times, undertake a morning walk with the purpose of keeping themselves physically fit. Morning walk, if done for forty to forty five minutes, helps in burning calories thereby losing weight. It keeps one active and energetic and takes away dullness, monotony and lethargy from one’s life.

It is like a tonic which rejuvenates the sagging, enervating spirit. As one walks, worries and anxieties fade away, improving mental health by making one optimistic and positive in life. Moreover, one can enjoy music, can ruminate, plan for the day, and find solutions to problems in the solitude of ones own space and time.

One can also enjoy the company of ones friends while enjoying the bounties of Nature. It brings about desirable changes in one’s life by keeping negative emotions like frustrations and depressions away.

Morning walk also improves ones immunity level. It gives the body and mind the strength to fight all the diseases It invigorates the body system and helps the body to overcome to a great extent, the harm caused by many diseases. It tones up the whole system and develops stamina for performing tasks which need physical strength and prepares a person for the days work.

Morning walk is the simplest form of exercise which allows a person to get rid of any gastric blockages and harmful toxins in the body that might not allow one to get a sound sleep.

A morning walk is a worthwhile experience. The air is fresh, free of dust and smoke in the morning the roads are also less crowded. In fact each stride in a joyful rhythm is a sheer delight of movement, which is charged to refresh one, for the rest of the day. In the morning, nature is at the best, the dew drops on the grass and leaves and plants look like pearls, with the birds singing cheerfully.

Morning Walk is extremely important, for people living in big cities, because their life is not only full of hustle and bustle but is a mad race. Stiff1 competition at the work place, hunger for wealth and luxury, desire for name and fame can take its toll.

Due to our busy schedules, physical exercise has taken a backseat, moreover, the air we breathe is also polluted, leading to many people living in cities, suffering from diseases related to lifestyle and respiratory system thus hope for a healthy generation lies only in taking Morning walks regularly and religiously.


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