Free Short Essay on a Hot Day

Only lazy people remain lying on their beds. Some boys and men go out for a bath in the river, canal or tank. The market is busy. The people try to finish all their work as quickly as possible.

At noon, the towns and cities look deserted. The shopkeepers are dozing. There are few people on the road.

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All kinds of work seem to be suspended. People go inside their houses in the darkest rooms. They keep earthen jugs full of water to make it cool. We eat little food but drink a good deal of water.

After food the thirst increases. So we drink large quantity of cold water. The rich people use ice to cool their water.

No one dares to come out of the house. We keep our bodies cool. Sweat comes out continuously.

If we have electric fans, it is good, oth­erwise we have a bad time. We do not dare to go out. The hot wind roars. The sun is very hot.

There is a danger of catching too or getting a sun stroke. Many people die of sun stroke. The farmers and labourers are used to hot winds.

They do not care for them and go on with their work in the open under hot sun. The gardener sits under a shady tree.

The evening again is pleasant like the morning. Now we cannot live inside the house, where we spent our noon comfortably.

We come out in the open. We sprinkle water over the hot floor to make it cool. We go to the market to buy things.

The market is busy again. The betel shopkeepers and the cold drink merchants have a good sale at this time. We put on muslin loose dress at this time.

At about 9 o’clock in the night it becomes cool. All the people run to their house-tops. They take their food there. They sleep on the roof. As the night advances, it becomes cooler and cooler and people fall asleep.

The summer is good only for rich people. They have electric fans and khus curtains in their houses.

Some go to the hill stations to get rid of the heat of the plains. This season is really bad for farmers, labourers and sweet makers.


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