Free Essay on War and Peace

Middle East is still burning. China asked the two blocs to make efforts for limiting war weapons and signed documents for assistance in the manufacture of atomic weapons with the USA and France. Suspicion is one of the greatest evils man suffers from. It does not allow him to have peace.

The prophesy of Marx and Engels that “In proportion as the antagonism between the classes vanishes, the hostility of one nation to another will come to an end” has not come true.

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The two Communist countries who claimed to have established classless society were on the war path against each other as the Christian countries had been. National and racial chauvinism eats the theories and vomits hatred, generating war.

Historians have been the greatest proliferates of war. Books of History are full of the glories of war. The war mongers have been deemed national heroes by the historians of the respective countries Napolean for France, Newfield for England.

Milton’s bewailing that “Peace hath her victories no less renown’s than war” never reached the ear of the historian. He just wrote about the ‘Rise and fall of the Roman Empire’ about the different wars fought by Britons in different corners of the world.

Press too has not added any feather to the cause of peace. Reports of invasions, attacks, fights, wars make the headlines of the first page.

News regarding the glorious march in peaceful professions of art and researches for the beneficence of mankind are relegated to the unseen columns of unimportant pages. It is the muscle power that gains precedence over human emotions. War gains precedence over peace.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. Man is brute by nature and desires supremacy which has divided the world into two blocs Russian and American.

2. Almost all the countries belong to one of these.

3. They have waged wars in many countries and helped others.

4. China calls for peace and signs contracts for atomic weapons simultaneously.

5. Suspicion pervades the world promoting wars between two Communist, Christian and Muslim countries.

6. National and racial chauvinism generates hatred.

7. Historians are the greatest proliferates of war as they glorify war mongers. Media too gives importance to war news.

8. Muscle power gains more importance than human emotions. War gains importance over peace.


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