Free Essay on Ideal Life

There is no longer to be the present competition for scholarships among the abler children: they will not be imbued with the competitive spirit from infancy or forced to use their brains to an unnatural degree, with consequent listlessness and lack of health in later life.

Education will be far more diversified than at present: greater care will be taken to adapt it to the needs of different types of young people.

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There will be more attempts to encourage initiative among pupils and less desire to fill their minds with a set of beliefs and mental habits regarded as desirable by the State, chiefly because they help to preserve the status quo. For the great majority of children it will probably be found desirable to have much more outdoor education in the country.

And for older boys and girls whose interests are not intellectual or artistic, technical education, undertaken in a liberal spirit, is far more useful in promoting mental activity than book learning, which they regard (however falsely) as wholly useless except for purposes of examination.

The really useful education is that which follows the direction of the child’s own instinctive interests, supplying knowledge for which it is seeking, not dry, detailed information wholly out of relation to its spontaneous desires.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. As women cannot work outside they will receive real industrial wages ensuring economic independence.

2. Children will receive their necessaries as others do and will get free education.

3. They will not work hard for competitions losing their health.

4. Education will be more diversified — adapted to the needs of the young.

5. Initiative will be encouraged instead of conservative beliefs meant to preserve status quo.

6. Majority of children will have outdoor education in the country while UN intellectual ones will receive liberal technical education instead of book-learning.

7. Useful education is based on child’s instinctive spontaneous interests not on the supply of dry uninteresting information’s.


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