Essay on the Experiences of an Interview

This is luck of the candidate if his field of knowledge coincides with that of the members of the interview board. This is the matter of fate if the replies appeal to them.

The difference of giver and seeker makes the members of the in­terview board on the superior side as they are givers and we are seek­ers.

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They are on a vantage ground. As there is a vast difference in demand and supply they are again on the superior position. There are more employment seekers than the jobs prevailing and this very factor makes us nervous at the time of interview.

After doing my graduation and Secretarial Course from Indira Gandhi Open University, I got myself registered with the local employ­ment exchange.

My speeds at typing and shorthand were quite satis­factory. In the last month of May I got a call from a Multi National Com­pany for interview.

I was expected to reach by 10 a.m. on 8th May, 2000 at the Company’s administrative office at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi.

As it was my first experience in life for a job, I started well before time so that I may not be late. I reached there well in time. There was a big hall there and about 35 candidates were waiting for their chance.

I was little nervous and beating of my heart increased. It appeared that castle of self confidence is collapsing. I was in a fix.

There were only five minutes left in the interview. I closed my eyes and remembered God, then I tried to recollect the tips I read in a book regarding inter­view.

They were completely practical. These points inspired me again. I again gained my lost confidence.

I was the first candidate to be invited inside for the interview. As I entered the room I saw five gentlemen behind a round table. I wished them.

They reciprocated and offered me seat. I occupied the chair. Suddenly they started series of questions to be answered by me.

The questions were from very different fields of knowledge. I answered them all with confidence and courage.

They tried to tease me psychologi­cally also, but I was in full command. I gave replies to all their questions in a fitting manner and never lost my confidence.

They took a time of 45 minutes to interview me. Then they asked me to wait outside. I went out from the different door. My first experience of interview was really an inspiration for me.


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