Essay on Terrorism in Air

This was the worst air disaster ever witnessed in recent years. The way the plane disintegrated within minutes indicates that international terrorists, usually misguided youth, do not believe in creed or nationality.

Their objective is to create anarchy and chaos in a bid to create a new world order. Whether they will succeed or not is a different matter. But they are a threat to the civilized world.

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That is a situation which would need to be corrected before any effective action against hijacking and terrorism can be initiated. If such effective action is not taken in good time, the future will heighten international chaos and confusion.

Who knows one day even a nuclear weapon may fall into the hands of some angry and misguided hijacker or blackmailer who may pull the trigger and without knowing what he is doing. This could bring about an uncalculated catastrophe.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. If the explosion of Air India Jumbo jet is confirmed as terrorist activity hijacking will become old fashioned.

2. It shows the terrorists do not believe in creed or nationality.

3. Terrorists want to create a new world order through anarchy and are a threat to civilized world.

4. This situation needs correction before effective action against hijacking to avoid international chaos.

5. A hijacker may throw even a nuclear weapon which may result in great catastrophe.


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