Essay on Space – the final frontier

But does that not create a problem in itself? Does it let us and our Governments wriggle out of the problems of over consumption and the pressures on the planet?

Oh! This planet is full dear but we have another one to go to and spoil….Does it not take us away from the responsibility of looking after this planet and its animals and plants other than humans? Are they, dispensable because, we as species have progressed? Some will say ‘Yes’, that’s what technology does-it changes the nature of problems and opens up new possibilities, some unpalatable.

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Others will say “No”, greed and lack of ethics does that, too.

Ethical and moral views say new possibilities do not change our responsibility to the present and the past. A man, who does not understand his history, has no future. We will make the same mistakes because we have given up on solving our past. So going back to Captain Kirk, I say “Beam me up Scottie. I am going home, back to Earth, God speed”.


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