Essay on “My Video Games”

There is no stopping me as I experience real exhilaration when I overcome a really challenging stage in the game. They are becoming more and more realistic. I feel like I am really there. I look forward to escape from my reality and into the world, where I am in control, where I can make mistakes but start all over again.

My friends also play with me as we play against each other, on line, it is amazing. But am I losing myself in them? Are they replacing my reality? I want to escape reality but only for a short period of time not permanently! I still need to be with my friends in the real world. I still like hanging out with them chatting, playing cricket or football.

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I love my video games but they are not my friends and family. They can not console me when I am sad or share my joy when I am happy. Video games can’t tell jokes or enjoy ‘Jallebees’ and ‘Samosas’ with me! They are a means to pass my time, and a great one at that, but they are not all my life.

Hey! What’s happening here!! My parents are taking over the essay— they are in my head. They are making me feel guilty. No! I won’t let them. Video games are the ‘in thing’ for me. I cannot decide how much I play now! I still have to go past level 5 of the new ‘DOOM’ game. I have to destroy all the monsters and save the world. This is my teenage job and responsibility to complete all games in double quick time and beat all my friends want to in the game.

I am in the TV now!! I am actually in the game!! This is gosh no! The monster is coming for me; it’s much harder to fight in real Help! Help….. Ring. Ring. Ring. Oh! It was just a dream. I was writing essay on video games and then I actually went into a video game. But it was just a dream, not reality. Video games are that bad. I will be ‘Ok’. Good morning Mario, and how are you today Si Hey monster, can you pass me my shirt? Nooooooo! Video games invaded my reality, my life! Oh! How I wish I had more than one life!


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