Essay on Keeping My City Beautiful

There are wide and smooth roads in Delhi but they have to be kept tidy. We can all do this by being careful about where we throw our litter. Some people eat packed food and throw the wrappers out of the car or bus windows. Others throw all the waste from their kitchens on to the road outside. Dogs, crows and other pests throng around this waste and further contribute to convert the whole city into a pigstye. I would never do this and impact I would check all those who did such things.

Another way to keep my city looking beautiful could be to plant various species of trees. Trees can grow anywhere and the more we have the more we can enjoy the beauty that they bring. They help to keep the temperature low and they provide shade and comfort. I would love to organize tree planting camps and my friends and I could utilize our free time by planting saplings at home and along roads.

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The city that is less noisy is more comfortable to live in. I would avoid the production of loud unmusical noise. I would even persuade my friends to be conscious of the fact that noise producing toys, electrical gadgets etc should not be used.

Horns in cars and other vehicles should be low in volume and they should be used sparingly. By talking to my family and friends about these methods and checking them when they fail, I could help to keep my city looking clean. Anyone visiting Delhi should want to come back again to this beautiful capital that is forever making every Indian Proud of it.


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