Essay on Individual Democracy and Hinduism in India

The democratic ideal differs sharply from any and all theories which regard the individual as a mere instrument for serving the state. It does not strive for uniformity.

It seeks to remove all artificial barriers and to assist every man to amount to as much as his ability, character and industry permit. The culture of the free world is based solidly on the worth of the individual.

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The Indian cultural tradition strongly supports the democratic ideal. Hinduism is more of a culture than a creed. The Dharma, that complex of institutions and influences which shape the moral life of the people, does not force men into goodness. It is a living thing, which grows as society develops, and is supported by the collective conscience.

Even the State has been regarded as the servant of Dharma. Hindu thought emphasizes the supremacy of the moral; man is not a pawn of the state. The object of his existence is to fulfill a divine purpose.

Indian culture from time immemorial has emphasized the spirit within man. Any attempt to change the society which attempts to crush the human spirit in the process is doomed to failure.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. In primitive society individual was subordinated to the group.

2. Old philosophers considered citizen’s duty to the society as morality.

3. Christianity gave importance to individual so does democracy.

4. In democracy individual can make progress as he is the end not an instrument to serve the State.

5. Modern democratic culture is based on the worth of the individual.

6. Indian culture i.e., Hinduism supports democratic ideal as Dharma shapes moral life without forcing individual.

7. Dharma grows as society grows.

8. Indian culture believes in supremacy of soul and the purpose of existence as divine.

9. Society that crushes human spirit fails.


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