Essay on Grandeur and Rural Growth in Rural Areas

There will be neither plague nor cholera, nor smallpox, no one will be idle. No one will wallow in luxury. Everyone will have to contribute his quota of manual labor.”

Unfortunately, in our blind pursuit of grandeur we seem to have lost the vital commonsense touch of tackling crucial problems. There are blind spots in the system. What is shocking is the lack of appreciation and effort at the political and administrative levels to stem the rot.

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Take, for example, destruction of village forests, the degradation of pastures and the drying up of water sources. It is because of lack of realization on the part of the bureaucracy and the political leadership that the resources of the national support area are getting depleted.

It is time we changed the thrust of development. But all efforts will come to naught if the bureaucracy remains insensitive to the changing needs of the economy.

The lack of direction, lopsided policies and poor implementation have kept the rural economy stagnant, notwithstanding certain scattered patches of green and white revolutions.


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