Essay on Famous Tennis Courts

There are those that love it, of course because it aids their slow, baseline game; but everyone comes off at the end of a match caked with red muck, and often plays end up throwing their tennis outfits away because the stuff won’t come off.

Players at Wimbledon talk about the grass and the weather and the miserable mode of transport to and from the centre of London, crammed like sardines in the bogies of the tube.

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Yet, whenever they arrive at the All-England Club for the first time, they all walk out to the centre court just to take a good long look. After all, it is the Mecca of tennis.

When players come to Flushing Meadow, they talk about the planes and the night matches under flood-lights and the adventure of working their way through the milling crowds to reach an outside court.

Some new comers take a lot of time getting used to the rough often lewd, comments of the New York spectators; you can often see the start of shock on the faces of some of the younger girls.

Important Points to Remember about this Essay:

1. Purist criticism was wrong as American diehard supporters believe that movements of aeroplanes do not disturb. They are a part of Flushing Meadow.

2. Costly strawberries and cream are a part of Wimbledon.

3. Stade Roland Garros of Paris is criticized for red clay aiding slow baseline game but it dyes the clothes.

4. Foreign players criticize Wimbledon courts for grass, weather and miserable transport.

5. Still players are pleased at Wimbledon as it is the Mecca of tennis.

6. At Flushing meadow players have adventure of moving through big crowds.

7. But one has to face dirty comments not sparing young girls.


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