Essay on Computerisation of Services in India

In 1946, the first com­puter came into existence. It was named as ENIAC (Electronic Nu­merical Integrator and Calculator).

It was developed by Dr. John Nouchly and J. P. Eckertof University of Pennsylvania U.S.A. In 1951 Remington Rand Corporation of USA brought out a commercial computer named

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UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer).

Transistor technology gave birth to second generation of comput­ers. These were smaller in size, more reliable, and have higher speed of operation. A third generation computer consisted of IBM – 370 types.

The fourth generation computer presently manufactured by U.S.A., Japan and other European and Asian countries are based on large scale integration. Fifth generation computers are under trial in U.S.A. and Japan.

These are based on artificial intelligence. They will think like human brain, collect most information from their reservoir of memory and make expert judgement and decisions.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi made efforts to computerize most of country’s public services before entering the 21st century.

Calculating machines which we call computers now have entered nearly all the fields of hu­man activity. Since 1946 the world has witnessed a period of vast activ­ity in computerization of various services.

We have now computers which can do different functions e.g. making predictions about weather, studying changes taking place in the space, examining parcels and prescribing treatments, collecting data about factory workers, data pro­cessing in electronics and predicting results, making reservations at railway stations and aerodromes, making and operating radars and missiles, performing various electrical jobs in banks, life insurance companies and other offices.

If India wants to ensure the computer age, she will have to import advanced computer technology and give computer training to a vast number of people in this country. The country has started developing computers.

They will be needed in space research. These computers will guide and control the flight of space ships.

Today computers are developed for helping defence services. They will be needed for mak­ing defence studies and controlling operations.

We have started the use of computers in factories and offices for collecting data. Small com­puters have been installed in corporations and offices.

The future of computerization in India is bright. They have already been introduced in LIC offices, banks, railway stations and aerodromes for reservation and other purposes. Now at the beginning of the 21st century we are fast running on the road to computerization.


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