Essay on A Visit to a Movie Theater

It was very difficult to get at it. The people were pushing one another. With great difficulty we got tickets.

The hall was well-lighted. It was quite cool. Soon the hall was fully crowded. In front of us there was a big silver screen.

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Exactly at 6.30 p.m. all the lights in the hall went off. At first there were few advertise­ments. The film record went on playing. Then there were few news reels, then came the cast of show. The picture started.

It was a great film. It started with the exile of Sita. The parting scene was very touching. Some people actually began to sob.

Love and Kush were born at Valmiki’s ashram. The Rishi gave them proper education in the use of arms. They became great warriors.

They did not allow the sacrificial horse of Ashvamedh yagna of Shri Ram to pass through the forest. There was a great fight between Ram and his sons.

Love and Kush, both made use of bows and arrows. At last a truce took place between them (Ram and his sons).

The end of the story was peaceful because the father and sons were united. Neither Ram nor his sons knew each other. Thus the union was happy and appealing.

All the scenes of the film were real and catching. All the people liked them. Nobody could find fault with them.

The music was very grand, sweet and appealing. It added to the beauty of the play. The acting of Love and Kush was praise-worthy. The wailing of Sita was heart-rending. The art of fight was nice. It was in accordance with the old times.

The show came to a close at 10 p.m. The crowd left the hall appre­ciating the picture very much. The film had a very great educative value. I liked the picture very much. The evening was spent very nicely.


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