Essay on a Visit Nainital

I had summer holidays, so I also went with them. This gave me a great joy. We went upto Kathgodam by train.

Then we had to go some kilometres in a bus to reach Nainital. The road went up to the hill in a zigzag way. There were deep valleys on both sides.

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The path was difficult. It required great skill on the part of the driver to drive the bus safely. I was so frightened that I began to fear. I was expecting accident every moment. But the driver was an expert. He drove the bus carefully.

On both the sides of the road the scenery and the views of hill were very pleasant. There were green trees and deep valleys.

We went higher and higher. When we reached the city of Nainital we saw mountain peaks covered with snow.

It was shining beautifully in the sun. The sight filled me with joy and wonder. I was pleased to see Nainital in the lap of nature.

We stayed in a small rented cottage standing at the top of the moun­tain. It was small, neat and comfortable. The weather was cool and pleasant.

The houses were made of stone and the roads were neat and clean. There was no dust anywhere. We went out for a walk many times.

We had a good time. We went up the hills and enjoyed its scen­ery. We often went in the evening to the famous lake of Nainital.

There was road all round the lake. There were wooden benches here and there. We enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful sight of the lake.

We enjoyed bathing in the lake. The light of the electric bulbs was reflected in the water all-round.

Our life at Nainital was happy. We were saved from the heat of plains. The water of the streams was sweet and good.

The walk in the morning gave us a good appetite. We enjoyed our meals very much. Most of the vegetables of the plains could be got there. But the fruits were cheap. So we ate a good deal of them. Our health improved very much.

The people living in the hill are very simple, honest and hardworking. We had engaged a pahari servant. In July we returned on account of heavy rains.


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