A Scene from a Hilltop

We gave full rest to our tired limbs. The air was quite fresh and cool. We breathed freely. The natural scenery was very charm- mg. The beauty of nature charmed us. We looked around and below the hill.

The hill was not bare. It had a very large number of trees and plants. Some plants bore flowers of different colours.

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The colours of flowers were quite different from the flowers in the plains. There were very tall trees of Deodar. The height of these trees terrified us.

I looked down the hill. I saw a stream flowing very rapidly. It was making a great noise over the stones. Birds of beautiful feathers were flying about its banks. They were singing merrily.

On the side of the hill there were some fields in a small area. They had their own charm. They were in the form of terraces rising higher one after the other.

There was no means of watering them. The plants of corn were waving with the breeze. They looked very beautiful. There were trees of other kinds. They had very bright and shining leaves. The rays of the sun made them lovelier.

At a distance of about hundred metres on the other side of the hill there were pretty huts. They were made of clay and branches of trees.

They seemed to be empty. We could not see anybody in or around them. They were covered with red and yellow flowers.

How beautiful they were! The scenery almost on all sides of the hill was charming, glorious and delightful. On one side down below there was a meadow and a shining stream.

The woodland was adding beauty to them. It was a sight to see daily. It left a wonderful effect on my mind.

After spending three hours, we came down. Now we wished to see the Landhora market. It is the best market of the Queen of Hills.

By chance we met a man. He demanded one rupee for guiding us. We paid him a rupee. He led us to the said market.


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