762 Words Free Sample Essay on a Picnic for kids

Last week, the Principal of our school offered to take the students of 12th class to Okhla for a picnic on Sunday. Our class teacher, Mr. Kapoor organised this picnic. Students paid Rs.50 each towards bus charges. Light refreshment was provided by the school. Students were asked to bring their own lunch packets with them.

One deluxe bus was taken on hire from the Delhi Transport Corporation to carry the students from the school to Okhla and bring them back to the school. All the students reached the school on Sunday at 8.00 A.M. sharp. The bus also arrived in time. The class teachers asked the students to board the bus and take their seats. The first three front seats were reserved for the Principal, Mr. M.L. Puri, our class teacher Mr. Rooplal and the class monitors Mr. Ajay. The bus left the school at 8.15 A.M. and reached Okhla at 8.45 A.M. The journey was very comfortable.

The students were very happy as they would have a free day to enjoy themselves. They were wearing sports shirts, T-shirts or other fashionable dresses. They were looking very smart and cheerful.

The picnic started at 9 A.M. All the students sat in a green park in the open sunshine. The Principal suggested that each student should participate by playing music, reciting a poem or a couplet, singing or dancing or giving a tit-bit. The suggestion was welcomed by all the students because it gave them a wide choice. The programme went off very well.

Thereafter, the Principal divided the students into three groups. One group headed by the Principal himself went to the Okhla canal and started swimming. The second group with the class teacher as its incharge did boating. The third group with the class monitor as its guide started playing games.

At 1.30 P.M. all the students reassembled at the same spot. The Principal announced that they could now open their lunch-boxes and have their lunch. The students greeted this announcement. They were feeling hungry. They shared their lunches with their friends. After the lunch was over, the students relaxed for some time and had a music session.

The Principal announced that we would leave the picnic spot at 5 P.M. Till then, students were free to do what they liked. A juggler also came there and started performing. Some students gathered around him to see his show. A few students sat down under the shade of a tree and started playing cards, while a few others started playing chess. Some students who were not interested in playing these games played their transistors and tape recorders. They listened to the Indian and Western music with rapt attention. The students danced with gay abandon when someone put on a Western music number on a tape recorder. They sang, danced and clapped. They felt like free birds.

Now it was time for light refreshment. All students were served with tea and biscuits by the bearers of a nearby restaurant. The tea was hot, the biscuits crisp and delicious, so everybody enjoyed it.

At 5.00 P.M. sharp, our teacher blew a whistle. It was a signal for the students to go. The students boarded the bus rather reluctantly.

They wanted to spend some more time at this picnic spot. Anyway, the bus dropped the students at the school at 5.30 P.M. The picnic had thus come to an end. But its memory would last for ever.