410 Words Essay on Communalism

We are underplaying the issue that communalism was the lone factor of division of our motherland.

In fact , our leaders are playing the commu­nal card for the political mottos and gains. They always keep minorities in a state of panic.

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The two main communities chiefly associated with it are Hindus and the Muslims. They are at the two poles in their culture.

Our neighbouring Muslim countries are there to incite them. So, they can never have a feeling of brotherhood.

For Hindus ‘Bharat’ is the land of their pilgrimage, their source of inspiration. The long history of ten thou­sand years has allocated this country to the Hindus.

The Mughuls came as invaders, so did the British. If this principle that a country belongs to its natural inhabitants is accepted by others, communalism will never rise.

By training and temperament Hindus are peace loving and liberal minded. Hindus consider that it is the duty of religion to unite people, not to divide them.

The guiding principle of our Constitution is secular­ism and equality. The Hindus have always welcomed outsiders as guests but never accept them as masters.

The people belonging to any caste can live in India with full security, but they should be true Indians in their words and actions.

To call Hindus alone as communal is totally wrong. By doing so we are running away from the facts of history. If others are not communal why the Hindus are being prevented from taking pride in being Hindus?

Hindu culture is actually the Indian culture. Hindus and Hindu Rashtra never bears ill-will towards those .who believe in other faiths.

In future history will not forgive us if India is allowed to be divided due to commu­nal campaigns by minorities.

We can afford to have different places of worship at a common place. But we cannot afford to have a back stabber. For us India is our motherland and we should never allow communal­ism to spread its wings here.


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