285 Words Short Essay on the creature I hate most

A cockroach is a dirty creature. It carries innumerable germs and bacteria on its legs and spreads them on the eatables. It invades all kinds of eatables in the kitchen. It does not spare even raw vegetables and is particularly fond of potatoes in which it causes holes as it makes forays inside them to enjoy the taste of pulp inside.

It is said that the cockroach is one of the oldest creatures in the world. Over millions of years it has not evolved nor changed its shape. The scientists also believe that if unfortunately nuclear war takes place, cockroaches may perhaps be the only creatures that may be able to survive.

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It is because the cockroaches can live in dark places where air is scant. As darkness spreads at night, they come out of the holes and drains to feast on the crumbs and left out food pieces in the kitchen. Some effective steps should be taken to check their growth and fertility as they multiply at an alarming rate.


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