275 Words on Essay on the Solution of Unemployment

The problem of employment for those who receive education in schools, and colleges is also becoming increasingly difficult. The number of such persons has increased out of proportion to the possible opening of the kind sought by them in present conditions, and the quality and kind of education which they receive is, in many cases not well adapted to the present requirements. The educational system should, therefore, be reorganized from this point of view, and the admission to the public services should depend on special tests, merit and ability and not merely on the possession of degrees.

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1. The main cause of unemployment is lesser opportunities of work.

2. This requires many sided developmental programmed.

3. The practical way is labor oriented industries including cottage and village industries.

4. Unemployment is increasing greatly among the educated too.

5. Their education is not according to the present requirements.

6. So the education system should be reorganized and appointments should be based on merit and ability not on degree.


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