260 Words Essay on Importance of School Magazine

Writing does not come from experience alone. It also requires a lot of reading. The literary and intellectual abilities of the student compile him to read books on a variety of subjects. Such students are quick to realize the value of their time and learning.

They do not waste their efforts in futile activities. Not all students can be good writers but those who have the ability to form opinions can develop their power of expression by writing for their school magazine.

The school magazine is the window to the activities of the school. Proper initiative by the teachers can help in improving the views and expressions of the students which in turn will raise the standard of the magazine.

Even the parents can take an active part in the affairs of the school. Inter-class and inter- school competitions can provide a good practice for student publications. Unfortunately only a few schools continue to bring out their school journals. Every school must consider the importance of the school magazine for the benefit of its students.